Meet Our Fleet!

​Our fleet is our Pride and Joy! Our trucks and trailers are maintained on a regimented preventative maintenance program and will always provide reliable, professional performance. Since our trucks  and trailers are often times the most prominent face of our company, we extend a tremendous level of pride in them, and we wash them nightly and wax them on a 60 day rotation. With Bulldog Cartage, You can expect beautiful, well performing equipment that will provide a professional, quality image on your next project.

Here is a rundown of our fleet:

Bulldog Cartage runs quality Kenworth T-600 tractors for exceptional performance in all hauling applications, including up to 80,000 pounds of GVW shipping weight.


​We have a fleet of beautiful knuckle-boom crane trucks available for exceptional job performance. With stake-body beds with dimensions of 7’6″ x 24′, we can handle a variety of loads and requirements. With the ability to lift up to 4,000 pounds from the bed to the ground, and to lift up to 1,000 pounds to a height of 60 feet, or to place a 1,500 pound load to 45 foot roof, our boom trucks provide exceptional value and service.


​We have a fleet of beautiful stake body trucks available for total versatility. With bed dimensions of 7’6″ x 24′, versatility and utility are abundant with these trucks.

We have commercial body SuperDuty F-450 trucks with racks for smaller capacity needs and versatility.

About Our Drivers

Our Drivers are truly one of the most important components of our team! They are the people who often times, genuinely act as the face of Bulldog Cartage. They are friendly, helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure your challenges are met. They are skilled professionals, and like an artist perfecting a craft, they take pride in their work and can thread the needle on the tightest access areas. They are, without a doubt, our Ambassadors in the field! All of our drivers are outfitted with the most current communication technology, including smart-phones that receive text-messages and e-mail, and offer enhanced, up-to-date GPS searching. Call us today, and see how one of our skilled professional drivers can assist you in solving your next challenge!

Bulldog Cartage Drivers…Problem Solved!

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