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We at Bulldog Cartage focus on providing solutions above all else. From large, complex projects, to single-pick small storage jobs–we apply the same attention to detail and professionalism. Don’t let supply chain issues delay your project, release your equipment early and stage it at Bulldog Cartage. Call or contact us today to find out how we can fulfill your shipping and storage needs.

We are Bulldog Cartage

Staging, Storage, and Shipping in Addison, Illinois

Bulldog Cartage is a specialized staging, storage, shipping, and job-services business. We started because we saw a clear need for a professional and versatile service provider for specialized storage and delivery needs in the construction and manufacturing industries. 

Bulldog Critical Projects Division is specifically focused on datacenter construction logistics. We are industry experts in handling, sequencing, and transporting your critical equipment right to the job site when it is needed.

Our Services

We provide solutions…Problem solved!

It is our ability to uniquely and professionally coordinate resources to provide clear, effective solutions to complex logistical challenges that truly has allowed us to develop our business. Every opportunity that we are able to earn to provide world-class, uncompromising service is one that we take seriously.


Bulldog Cartage specializes in local flatbed, over-dimensional, and critical deliveries to crane and helicopter picks in Chicagoland. We also provide stake beds, boom trucks, van trailers, and many other options to fit almost any transportation challenge you may have.


Our HQ facility has overhead cranes capable of lifting up to 80,000 lbs. with dual 20T gantries, each with 2 10T hooks eliminating the need for spreader beams or complicated rigging, and creating a safe vertical lift. Forklift unloading capabilities up to 37,000 lbs.


Our state-of-the-art storage facilities total 250,000 sq. ft. of heated indoor storage. Outdoor yard and trailer store also available.

Other Services

Other professional services include Workspace Setup, Tagging and Sequencing, Certified Weighing, Crating and Packaging, and more!

Why Choose Us

The Bulldog Cartage Advantage

Bulldog Cartage is a Porter Family company that offers premier specialized shipping, storage and handling, as well as unique job services to provide professional solutions to any logistical challenge.
Positive Attitude

Our commitment to a positive attitude, unrelenting versatility and absolute professionalism will ensure complete customer satisfaction.


We work closely with our customers to ensure that the solutions we provide are tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges.

Innovative Solutions

We are driven by the goal of providing service above all else. We know that true success only occurs when we are able to make our customers lives better.

Customer Relationships

Our commitment to a positive attitude, unrelenting versatility and absolute professionalism will ensure complete customer satisfaction.


What Our Customers Say

Let us handle your shipping needs.

Call or contact us today and find out how Bulldog Cartage can make your next project easier. We provide solutions. Period.